Fairtrade T-shirt

fairtrade © Rebecca Matheson 2009
Design for Production requires us to design a two-colour tshirt for a local event. I chose Fairtrade Fortnight – which happens in May. I figured it might be better to pick something I care a little about rather than something on par with the Airshow. Inclusion of event logos has to be limited (or non-existent). So after many very bad vector based ideas (Which I don’t know if I want to share), driving in the car on the way home at 1am something vaguely like this came to my head.

It’s a bit rough, not sure if this is exactly what the final outcome should look like, whether I should remove the overlayed rays or/and add some extra imagery – and I probably need to deal with the bottom edges of the buildings as they look a bit unfinished and cut off. But there you go. Suggestions appreciated.

If I like it enough, I might enter it in this competition.

All images I have used are Public Domain/Royalty Free (some from www.pachd.com).

© Rebecca Matheson 2009


  1. Auran said:

    Is that a Geoff?

    March 21, 2009
  2. said:

    no. it’s a fair dinkum coffee farmer.

    March 21, 2009

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