I am going to go mad shortly.

I have spent much of today up to my elbows in messy code, trying to widgetize perfectly nice but perfectly useless blog templates. It just makes sense. All WordPress templates should at least have the option there to run with widgets, they make life a whole lot easier. They shouldn’t be put up for download unless this is the case.

Clearly I have not succeeded, the actual code you have to add isn’t all that much, but then it screws with your design and however much tweaking goes on in the CSS it wont budge.

As for what I’m having a stab at redesigning… well the Advco8 site needs something new and it’s current template is also unwidgetized.

Why not just go for a standard template? Well I do my best to find one that I like but there always issues with font size, random images, headers, colours, positioning… so however close you get there is more that must be changed.

I should just properly teach myself how to make them from scratch.

Design General Widgets

readingSorry about all the down-time of this blog at the moment. Something to do with the server

You’ll also may have noticed me trialing a ‘what I’m reading’ (such a nerd) widget on the bottom right of the sidebar. Alternatively I use All Consuming and keep of track them on my Read and Blue Blogspot Blog.

Now Reading (the widget) is pretty flexible from the backend.
Still can’t get Democracy (Polls) to work properly.

Should I try a three column blog so that you can see more without scrolling?

Blogging General Widgets