A macabre death of a once healthy work ethic

One still sore throat and the general blah feeling of blahness means I am staying at home today. I had intended (and still probably should) get on top of my ‘The Body’ assigment for photography, but I happened to open some lecture notes/powerpoint from the other tutor’s class of the same and freaked out at what depth they require us to go into.

I’m afraid my usually very good work ethic and the compulsive drive in me to ‘do my best’ has either run on overdrive and putted out to a cruel and ghastly death or has gone on an extended holiday. Frankly I can’t be stuffed. I don’t think that I could quite bring myself to just ‘not do it’ – there is a little bit of my brain dancing with glee at the thought, I sincerely doubt I will muster the effort to aim for a Distinction or greater.

Thus far, my ‘starting the assignment’ has consisted of a disinterested flick through some photography books – none of which are really relevant. A muck around with the digital camera taking photos of my feet and other stuff strange bodily bits (like my hands) and the questioning of how to use up the film in my Minolta before I launch into the evils of slide film again. We are ‘required’ to go visit another exhibition – not going to do it. We also have to somehow come up with an original idea which of course has been inspired by other photographers work (Okay, so where’s the originality in that?)

I am sick and I am tired and all I really want to do is go to sleep and wake up with stupid thing done but it’s going to hang over my head all afternoon and I know I’ll feel like the day’s been a waste if I don’t get started.


  1. said:

    If you’re doing something on The Body, I’d suggest you check out this flickr person – her shots are amazing, and has done some body work, so to speak.


    Have a look through that set, and it might give you some ideas – just linked that page cos it has most of the body shots.

    In terms of “where’s the originality in that?”….it’s how it works. You see something you like, change parts of it/get inspired by it, and go do something like it. :p

    May 22, 2006
  2. trav said:

    Such a choleric….

    Join the phlegmatic club of lazy asses who never had a work ethic in the first place 😛

    (says he who just submitted an assignment, not very well done, with 2 hrs spare)


    May 22, 2006

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