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Thought I’d share a few links today (before I get to something a lot more well… thought provoked, but that’ll probably have to wait until this evening)

Boundless has been utterly magnificent and have finally gotten around to categorizing their archives. I have yet to go delving, but I can assure you I will. Mega ammounts of helpful thought inducing articles on any manner of subjects. Worth your time.

OOCQblog started by a number of my very rude male friends (if you read the latest entry) takes out of context quotes and attempts to make them funny. I’m not sure about the latest one, seeing as it has to do with my ‘very masculine’ brain. But alas, I am their running joke too much of the time. It beats having a whole thread in mods dedicated to, ‘stupid things Bec’s said’.

TheGeoffRe(Y)port haven’t known him long, but to answer Sam’s question of, “Where do you know Geoff from”, uh, well – from church. He’s got some interesting stuff to say sometimes… if you like Richmond he’s got something interesting to say a lot of the time 😉 No, some quality stuff here. (No really, it’s good!)

The Sound of Green Burkie, this be (is) a reminder for you to blog more because when you do, your painstaking efforts produce some good stuff. Also take a look at his profressional site.

Discovering the Heart Tony likes people reading about him (the true heart of a blogger) regardless of whether he knows them yet – because if he doesn’t now, he soon will (get to know you that is).

Virtually Paul another of the flock that I (personally think I) converted to blogging, he probably would’ve done one anyway. A bit of nerd, bit of theology, a bit of Paul.

Blonde Creations this is as close as I can get to linking to Sam’s blog – this being her ‘arty’ one. I personally prefer the writing, not that I don’t think she’s got rather a bit of talent… Can I link to your other one Sam?

Gush I’ve spent far too much time here the past five years or so. This is the new forum. My inspiration and motivation for the place is on a seesaw of waxing and waning at the moment. Current aim is to get gushgirls back into action. You can find me there lurking behind the name Bee, but most of you know that anyway.

Accoucheur my sister Laura’s sorry attempt at a blog, I say sorry simply because her updates are unfortunately seldom. Blog more Laura.

And that’ll do for the moment. Tom has been dastardly slack in updating and I haven’t heard anything decent from his in months so he doesn’t deserve a link. There are others I would like to share, but don’t think I have permission.

check out Blonde Musings Sam’s blog 🙂
Layer of Things – having… forgotten to mention Christop’s earlier


  1. said:

    Am I in big trouble now over that OOCQ?

    May 26, 2006
  2. said:

    Well, I’m flattered – “some interesting stuff to say sometimes” – I’d take that. And I’ve now got even more Bloglines subscriptions than can possibly be helpful.

    Thanks very much, little miss “i have no opinion”

    May 26, 2006
  3. said:

    Argh! Now I have to post in my blog….you really are an evil twin!

    May 27, 2006

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