Remarkable timing. Today Tabor kindly sent me my graduation photo. I had just finished opening the envelope and then who should call…

A highly excited Jess informs me that I MUST go and visit the Deakin Arts office. It appears that I can claim 4 credit points from having done YITS.

Well there you go. Now I just have to work out how that fits into the scheme of things.


  1. said:

    So YITS is good for something


    May 26, 2006
  2. said:

    wow. How many credit points do you get per subject at uni?

    We get 15 at La Trobe

    May 26, 2006
  3. said:

    i get 6 credit points per subject at monash. it might be 4 for some arts subjects i think (not sure though).

    was i meant to get my tabor graduation photo sometime as well? 🙁 maybe it will come tomorrow.

    oh and also …. do you go through box hill quite often between uni? i go there everyday. we should rendezvous there one day. (are you there this week or have you finished?)

    May 28, 2006

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