Do you know how flipping annoying it is sometimes to be totally abnormal/contrary to the rest of the population in how you view particular things – how you respond etc. Wow the head has perfect control – too much control. Live a little Rebecca?

YITS people caught up tonight. At Jess’s place again. Poor girl was sorethroated and not even awake when Sam and I got there. Dave rocked up followed pretty shortly by Luskie, Clacy, Elyce, Darryn and Iain. That was it for the night. A good crew.

Some amusing banter – around my current circumstance and other such happenings. Jess was ‘mock’ (or really) cross with me for a short while and then got over it. Sam got a phone call and left the room. Elyce caught my eye and I moved across. She asked me some pretty straight out questions and we had a brilliant conversation. The others moved rooms and we stayed chatting for ages. Really helpful, really encouraged and better still she prayed for me at the end of it. How much I value her advice and her love, her ear and her willingness to bring whoever it is before God, in this case – me!

Had interesting conversations the rest of the night from, ‘Gay marriage’ to some funny animal theory Elyce had (not as bad as it sounds!). Got a superb massage from Jess and a good scarce compliment from Mr. Lusk which I fully appreciated.

Fantastic day!

Oh… and I managed to watch “Tuesday’s with Morrie“. Very interesting movie! Much to think about in there – I’ll really have to get hold of the book. Bring on philosophy, poetics and the nuances of life anyday! There’s a poem read out in the middle of it – I really want to get my hands on it…

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I think I just made quantum leap in something I’ve wanted for so long.

I picked Hannah up from school and we went out for coffee – something I promised her before she went on Centre Trip.

16 years of ‘catching up’ – of starting something finally.

We talked rather freely about all kinds of things. Friendships, Relationships, Parents, Sisters, Head vs. Heart – how we differ.

I am insanely excited something of the sort is finally happening. I am not very close to any of my sisters -despite being a twin and having three of them.

Too much good stuff!

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It’s really really nice outside – windy and if it was warmer I’d be out there, but for the moment I haven’t even gotten out of my pj’s so as I just came across mandy’s blog (she being a gusher) I’ll pretend to be utterly facinated in these things because they’re: OH SO TRUE:

You are Ocean Blue

You’re both warm and practical. You’re very driven, but you’re also very well rounded.
You tend to see both sides to every issue, and people consider you a natural diplomat.What Color Blue Are You?

You Are Crimson Red

Down to earth and warm-hearted, you instantly make everyone feel at ease around you.
And while you have an understated passion – you lack the uncontrolled passion of most other reds.
You prefer to sit back and enjoy every situation life has to offer. You put an optimistic spin on everything.
And even when things are going well, you don’t get too amped up. You prefer to keep your emotions as steady as possible.
What Color Red Are You?

You Have a Choleric Temperament

You are a person of great enthusiasm – easily excited by many things.
Unsatisfied by the ordinary, you are reaching for an epic, extraordinary life.
You want the best. The best life. The best love. The best reputation.

You posses a sharp and keen intellect. Your mind is your primary weapon.
Strong willed, nothing can keep you down. Your energy can break down any wall.
You’re an instantly passionate person – and this passion gives you an intoxicating power over others.

At your worst, you are a narcissist. Full of yourself and even proud of your faults.
Stubborn and opinionated, you know what you think is right. End of discussion.
A bit of a misanthrope, you often see others as weak, ignorant, and inferior.
What Temperment Are You?

Your Blog Should Be Green

Your blog is smart and thoughtful – not a lot of fluff.
You enjoy a good discussion, especially if it involves picking apart ideas.
However, you tend to get easily annoyed by any thoughtless comments in your blog.
What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?

Your Personality Is
Rational (NT)

You are both logical and creative. You are full of ideas.
You are so rational that you analyze everything. This drives people a little crazy!

Intelligence is important to you. You always like to be around smart people.
In fact, you’re often a little short with people who don’t impress you mentally.

You seem distant to some – but it’s usually because you’re deep in thought.
Those who understand you best are fellow Rationals.

In love, you tend to approach things with logic. You seek a compatible mate – who is also very intelligent.

At work, you tend to gravitate toward idea building careers – like programming, medicine, or academia.

With others, you are very honest and direct. People often can’t take your criticism well.

As far as your looks go, you’re coasting on what you were born with. You think fashion is silly.

On weekends, you spend most of your time thinking, experimenting with new ideas, or learning new things.
The Three Question Personality Test

And *snigger* my power colour is….

Your Power Color Is Lime Green

At Your Highest:

You are adventurous, witty, and a visionary.

At Your Lowest:

You feel misunderstood, like you don’t fit in.

In Love:

You have a tough exterior, but can be very dedicated.

How You’re Attractive:

Your self-awareness and confidence lights up a room.

Your Eternal Question:

“What else do I need in my life?”
What’s Your Power Color?

I totally do not agree with many of the above statements!

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