Monday not Tuesday

Do you know how flipping annoying it is sometimes to be totally abnormal/contrary to the rest of the population in how you view particular things – how you respond etc. Wow the head has perfect control – too much control. Live a little Rebecca?

YITS people caught up tonight. At Jess’s place again. Poor girl was sorethroated and not even awake when Sam and I got there. Dave rocked up followed pretty shortly by Luskie, Clacy, Elyce, Darryn and Iain. That was it for the night. A good crew.

Some amusing banter – around my current circumstance and other such happenings. Jess was ‘mock’ (or really) cross with me for a short while and then got over it. Sam got a phone call and left the room. Elyce caught my eye and I moved across. She asked me some pretty straight out questions and we had a brilliant conversation. The others moved rooms and we stayed chatting for ages. Really helpful, really encouraged and better still she prayed for me at the end of it. How much I value her advice and her love, her ear and her willingness to bring whoever it is before God, in this case – me!

Had interesting conversations the rest of the night from, ‘Gay marriage’ to some funny animal theory Elyce had (not as bad as it sounds!). Got a superb massage from Jess and a good scarce compliment from Mr. Lusk which I fully appreciated.

Fantastic day!

Oh… and I managed to watch “Tuesday’s with Morrie“. Very interesting movie! Much to think about in there – I’ll really have to get hold of the book. Bring on philosophy, poetics and the nuances of life anyday! There’s a poem read out in the middle of it – I really want to get my hands on it…

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  1. said:

    I have the book…er….well mum has the book :p You should be able to borrow it :p

    July 11, 2006

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