Anyhoo, Paul put me on to Performancing, which is a blogging tool/firefox extension that means you don’t have to log in everytime you decide to post (which I’ve solved other ways and entirely besides the point). New things are far too enjoyable!

This is a trial post. So if it shows up. It might be here to stay. Not that you’ll see any difference from your end.


girllook.jpgInspire me.

I have to turn the following exerpt from Matt and Jo by Ivan Southall into a storyboard/animatic. What’s that? Well – any interpretation I like (the passage simply has to be the initial inspiration) in 16 very decent graphics, put them together with some kind of soundtrack.

What do you think of when you read this? Is it all literal? What’s Matt like, what’s Jo like? What’s the relationship between the two? Where are they? What are they doing? What bit (because it doesn’t have to be all of it) would you use? Make it up. I have a few ideas but anything further would be welcome.


Matt hearing himself calling her name aloud. Hearing himself yelling into the traffic noise across the road. Like trying to shoot a cotton puff through a solid brick.


Nothing but traffic out there. Mad. Traffic everywhere. Trucks and vans and cars and front-end loaders and funeral procession erupting out of the earth.

Holy Mackerel. A funeral procession. At half past nine in the morning! Who’d want to get buried before lunch? Gentlemen removing their hats. Ladies with perambulators diverting quickly into shops. Matt’s spirit dribbling through the soles of his feet and running down the gutter. Sorry you’re dead and all that, but why’d you have to work it so that you blocked the view? Couldn’t you have got buried at sea or somewhere else?

Jo’s gone, of course.

Oh… and I have to write fairly extensively about the process so the more to talk about the better!

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A few of the crew from church have been rounded up by Jess W (who does occasional volunteer work at TEAR Australia) to get involved in their Youthy/YoungAdults blog Advoc8 on Social Justice issues.

I was a tad hesitant at first as I have other commitments like Gush to which I’ve been slack about lately. But have realised that possibly the best way to challenge myself about social justice (because I do care, but I’m often at a loss for what to do) is to start forcing myself to consistently consider these kind of issues.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort for me to write a blog post. I enjoy it. And the only drawback being that I post a lot of crap unless inspiration strikes me (and I shouldn’t fill their site up with ‘a lot of crap’ – that’s what this blog is for.)

Anyhoo, I was inspired this morning by something. So bit the bullet and wrote a post.

NB: As Paul pointed out, Dont go directly to – you don’t get to the right spot (great banner), it needs to be:


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A little behind in sharing this news but friends of ours in the Solomons could use some prayer.

This is what happened.

I feel a little bit selfish when I hear about stuff like this, because I think of the places I want to one day go back and visit and get frustrated that there will be far too many that will look significantly different to the way I left them.

General Solomon Islands

I can give you a guarantee that a post is coming… but only because it’s over half way through.

In the meantime, go and occupy yourself with this blog:

The Resurgence 

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