Sixteen Frames

girllook.jpgInspire me.

I have to turn the following exerpt from Matt and Jo by Ivan Southall into a storyboard/animatic. What’s that? Well – any interpretation I like (the passage simply has to be the initial inspiration) in 16 very decent graphics, put them together with some kind of soundtrack.

What do you think of when you read this? Is it all literal? What’s Matt like, what’s Jo like? What’s the relationship between the two? Where are they? What are they doing? What bit (because it doesn’t have to be all of it) would you use? Make it up. I have a few ideas but anything further would be welcome.


Matt hearing himself calling her name aloud. Hearing himself yelling into the traffic noise across the road. Like trying to shoot a cotton puff through a solid brick.


Nothing but traffic out there. Mad. Traffic everywhere. Trucks and vans and cars and front-end loaders and funeral procession erupting out of the earth.

Holy Mackerel. A funeral procession. At half past nine in the morning! Who’d want to get buried before lunch? Gentlemen removing their hats. Ladies with perambulators diverting quickly into shops. Matt’s spirit dribbling through the soles of his feet and running down the gutter. Sorry you’re dead and all that, but why’d you have to work it so that you blocked the view? Couldn’t you have got buried at sea or somewhere else?

Jo’s gone, of course.

Oh… and I have to write fairly extensively about the process so the more to talk about the better!

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  1. said:

    Matt and Jo are business partners. They’re in an important meeting, when Jo’s phone rings and she runs off without explanation. They were about to make a really big important huge money making decision. Matt chases her out tryign to stop her. OK. So that’s a pretty crap briefing on their relationship, but it works 😛

    It’s raining. A dark grey depressing city. The first frame features a colourfully dressed woman in the distance, with Matt up close, looking in her direction. A cry of desperation from Matt. Matt’s face goes red when the funeral comes through, expressing rage as the funeral procession goes past. Perhaps a frame of Matt dreaming of the body being floated out to sea, like they do in the pacific island nations. Perhaps with Jo in the mourners.

    All the cars, buildings, roads, etc are grey or black. It’s a rather depressing thing. Perhaps for the music, use something that starts off fast for the first few frames, as the excitment of Jo is still there, then as he realises he’s gone, the music moves to something slow and sullen. Meh. I dunno.

    October 5, 2006

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