bird.jpgSorry to bore you with the finer details (besides, I’ve got to have an excuse to check out WordPress 2.1… as Geoff just upgraded it all for me!) but today I went to Kmart. I went to get a few things, one of those being a towel – I already have decent one (despite gloriously fine bleach spots) and one ultra crummy one, so I was looking for one more.

There was lots of homeware stuff on sale and I really like big towels, so I’m wandering past and I see ‘Mega Towel’ and some cheapish price. Right, I think, It’s got to be equivalent of a bath sheet, which being honest is what I like best. So I get it home and open it up and it is utterly MASSIVE. Like huge, almost sheet size. If you fold it in half I can still get the width around all of me! I figure if I get desperate ever for more, I can cut it in half. Until then it can just take up 3 towel racks and the whole washing line.

This is not the kind of towel I’d opt to use on say, towel day.


driving back from CanberraI seem to have not quite gotten around to going to bed yet. Anyway figured I’d point out that there are a few new photos up on my Flickr account. They stretch back to the tastes-so-moreish-because-it’s-so-amazingly-good dinner that Geoff cooked for me and New Years Eve, forward to the wedding in Canberra. I had a bit of fun taking photos after stealing Geoff’s camera and remembered how much I miss getting that ‘really good’ photograph – the ones you end up dropping into a folder that is more easily accessible if you ever need to produce the stunners. NB. I have only got this in a very abstract kind of way and haven’t quite had the opportunity to flash the nice ones around – at least not so to earn me enough money to actually buy a replacement camera. Alas, the poor hobby must be put on hold. I must pay rent, food, bills, uni-books, petrol and 21st birthday presents first.

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