tellmewhy.jpgToday I scraped a bargain. A $60 book for a simple $10.

I cannot yet call myself a fully fledged designer (I’m about 4 official years away from that) and I sometimes feel sheepish about the fact that I don’t like wasting money on magazines – which you know, is a lot of what I’ll probably end up doing. I’m sure there is great benefit to knowing objective, the competition, the actuality of the business. And I don’t really own any design books as they cost about one million in comparison to my hastily diminishing monetary fund.

This is my first buy in terms of a book about design. I have one textbook but that’s about multimedia and one on programing (a hideous pink thing) and this.

This is: tellmewhy – the first 24 months of a New York Design Company. It has a pen mark on the front, hence the drastic reduction and you know, maybe it’s been sitting on the shelf for two or more years. Prior bookshop employee knowledge tells me that covers can be cleaned with eucalyptus oil (or you know water and soap) and hence noted pen mark will become an almost invisible short score line. If I can be bothered.

I started reading shortly after purchase at a university cafe with glorious boho coffee (cup didn’t match the saucer and gave me secret thrills. Weird). The coffee was a mere $2 but worth more. I nearly forgot the coffee for the monograph. Now I’m just showing off (it means book). It’s pleasantly engrossing.

I don’t like buying books new, perhaps such a success will promote an unleashing of my pocket. I hope not. But I do like it.


  1. Paul said:

    Do you have a wishlist of books? Many people list books from Amazon or similar that they would love on their blogs, perhaps in case a random person sends it to them, or even as ideas for family and friends.

    Fledged smedged – you are a designer when you start designing, and from what I have seen it’s been a while since you started.

    February 21, 2007
  2. said:

    Paul, there is a link to wishlist (I really only use it for a personal reference) soooo… you can go buy me a present now or at least have some idea for my 21st muahahha. (PS. talk to Analise or Geoff something for ideas, group presents are far grander than little other things- says she with expensive taste).

    February 21, 2007
  3. said:

    Virtually Paul says:

    That comment above wasn’t from me. Who was it from?

    P.S. Everyone knows you read a lot. If you’re going to use mildly esoteric words (like ‘monograph’), don’t define them. 😛 You may as well let at least some of your readership open a new tab to dictionary.com, feeling a slight sense of awe towards your level of literacy.

    February 22, 2007
  4. Paul said:

    And that last comment wasn’t from me. Who was it from?

    Ok I found the wishlist, but there is no postal address listed. I guess I’ll have to consult my contacts.

    February 23, 2007

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