Etsy and making things

rabbitYou may recall the rabbit, with whom I am slightly in love and would love to hang on the wall instead of prop up on top of a bookshelf but am confounded by living in rental. He comes from Etsy seller MademoiselleG. And speaking of which – Australia dwellers – now is a good time to buy overseas Etsy things.

I have a few endeavors floating around in my head – that involve making things:

  • The first is to have a go at some more painting – something less abstract.
  • To dry felt (which I have not done, but have seen done and it looks simple enough) a moe onto a grey felt laptop case – which I will also make. I’m not a huge fan of most dry felting (in how it looks) but this idea works in my head.
  • To finally get hold of my dad’s electric sander so I can finish the pallet coffee table
  • Learn how to knit better i.e. quickly and nicely enough to make something worth keeping

I really rather enjoy trying new things, making things, growing things, changing things. Would love, love, love to do a short illustration course, but not sure where to find one that lines up with what I want to do. All the uni short-courses are about traditional line drawing people and portraits and I just want to do the err, cutesy stuff.

  • I also need to make look more presentable and update the hell out of it
  • Write more (of calibre and not just blog entries)
  • A bookbinding course would also be fun, and useful!

Other exciting things happening to indulge myself are that Cat and I and who knows who else are starting a book club based on that plethora of Penguins. I am quite excited. Although not sure how I’ll go talking about books as my short term memory is appalling. Notes Rebecca. Notes.

Things I will probably never get into:

  • Quilting/Patchwork (sorry ladies, I’m just not a fan – except of the very very traditional ones and then only rare cases, most of them look naff)
  • Tapestry/Needlework
  • Making my own clothes – I could be convinced, but I’d doubt I’d have the patience
  • Cross-stitch – had my stint of this when I was younger, now it’s like pixelly pictures but WAY less cool.


  1. said:

    Me! ohoh me!

    July 8, 2009
  2. said:

    book club….. i’m interested!

    July 9, 2009
  3. katie said:

    I’d love to help you with the knitting! I’m currently making some fingerless gloves, I am so in love with them even though the first one isn’t finished yet.

    I’m maybe also interested in the book club…? I’ve got two of the $10 penguins, read one of them so far…

    July 10, 2009

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