Empty headed, stary eyed

What a thoroughly uneventful way to quit work. I left a letter on my Boss’s desk after realising (a slight oversight) that neither of them nor the manager work on Saturday.

I let Simone know and then Susan. They are sorry to see me go. Susan asked me what was next and did the whole, “You’ll be a loss to them” thing and something about, “Showing promise for working in said* trade” (So shoot me first) She’s not finishing up soon as I thought- which is better in a way, I’m not leaving the company high and dry. Despite wanting out, I don’t think I’ve quite got it in me to desert them in a desperate hour. I really like both of the ‘S’ ladies. I didn’t bother telling Grace.

Dave was a kind friend and dropped in to see me, we chatted far more than I would’ve dared if the manager had’ve been there. I returned the favor when my 2’oclock came round, went down and said hi to him while he was unpacking some beetroot – thrilling stuff.

Drove to Word as I’d planned last night, I prefer Koorong but Nunnawadding is closer than Blackburn. Word frustratingly situated. If you miss the turn into the Brandsmart sliplane you can’t just turn at the actual street. I did miss the turn.

You really shouldn’t shop when you are in a ‘whatever’ frame of mind as you end up spending more. I bought four books. I rarely am that supurfulous with money, I had the sense to restrain myself from five. There goes today’s pay. Still, I got 15% off thanks to a tabor graduation present (‘go vouchers’ *mock cheer*) and a good lot of reading/thought matter to continue with. The guy who served me was nice and gave me it (the voucher) back so I could use it again at a later date.

Christian merchandise makes me gag, if it weren’t for the occasional book or CD I’d avoid those places like nothing else. So, came home with: Big Girls Don’t Whine (which was one Roz had and shared on the ‘girls morning’ at camp and I’ve been interested in it for a long while), A Woman and Her God I confess this one was a bit on impulse, no idea what it’ll be like. A Beautiful Offering, also ‘just because I saw it’, Angela Thomas is a reasonable author ( ‘Do You Think I’m Beautiful’) it’s my hope that this one wont involve too many ‘dance’ metaphors, besides, its not about relationships in the typical sense, but about God – so surely not. I also randomly found this book called Perspectives aim’ed at 20something’s. So what. But it’s done by RELEVANT and they publish stuff that prompts thought. Brain food is something I like rather a lot and I’ve started running the parental’s shelves dry on ‘God angled books’, or at least of the ones that interest me.

I’m really tired again. Hannah was all lovely and made me chai-tea when I got home. My room’s a mess. I want more than ever to work my head and old blogs into a ‘collective’ lot of erm Rebecca essays and do something with them. I dont’ ever want to see or wear my work shirt again, but I may have one last shift next week which is a real bummer. It feels fantastic knowing I wont have to go back there and back again and again and again. /random

Another post later as something’s doing the slow roast in my brain.



  1. Anonymous said:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Quiting work is a rather large step, especially not having a definite job to jump straight into, but nevertheless well done and im sure God will provide something… did you happen to buy your mother a book for mothers day? enjoy your evening

    May 13, 2006
  2. said:

    I did think about it! Then decided she has too many already. Nearly bought her one on buying and selling on ebay 😉
    Alas I am now at home the night before without a present whatsoever.

    May 13, 2006
  3. said:

    Little trick from your direction getting to Word…

    Just head into the first sliplane after the Springvale Rd intersection. It will get you to Moncrief Rd eventually. 😛

    May 14, 2006
  4. said:

    Notice that it didn’t take long for you to remove the Dymocks link from your “Relevant Places”. Now that’s moving on!

    May 14, 2006
  5. said:

    Keener eyes would’ve noticed that, that link disappeared over a week ago 😉

    May 14, 2006

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