trackman.jpgYesterday I bought trackies.

Seems like 2007 is a year of firsts. First time for perfume, first time for trackies, first time for…

I usually live in jeans.

These ones are from Rivers, were cheap and are only fractionally too long – which is why I have never bought them before.

Commemorated the moment by quickly making a Trackman Picasso. I thought I’d share it, how corny!

General Life

serpentstantial.jpgThe past few days I have been in Canberra for a Wedding. It was replete with humorous moments and many more meetings of cousins and relatives. I had great fun! The wedding was very nice. Now I have returned and am going to answer a few questions.

Why questions?

A couple of reasons:

a) Questions seem to be the flavor of the week! They featured as a whole evening at Young Adults a few nights ago AND Two ~7 hour car trips provided ample time for conversation – I probably wound up asking Geoff (and vice versa) quite a few questions along the way even if some of them did just simply relate to what was for lunch. No really, we had a fantastic time and decided it was probably a good sign that we still weren’t sick of each other by the end of it. (*key Paul, siblings and certain others to gag here)

b) It’s an easy way to write a blog post. I want to write a blog post but I’m tired, so this is how you’re getting one.

Question 1: How many blog entries did your RSS feeder pick up by the time you got home?

Answer: 95 entries. Read many. Skimmed most. Skipped a few.

*NB. Gone two days.

Question 2: How many times did you get asked when ‘your wedding’ was going to happen?

Answer: Once that I can remember, but it was implied many more times in conversation. In fact there were quite a few of us there coping the, ‘So when’s the…?’ question. Poor Robsy (Mark’s girl) was freaking out a little I think.

Question 3: What’s happening with your car?

Answer: It got fixed while I was away. The RACV guy was wrong, it was the ignition switch. All up (+more towing) cost me ~$200. It is now working.

Question 4: What’s happening about a job?

Answer: I am getting a phone call from my old-old work on Tuesday. Here’s to hoping! I am also going to apply for the job I mentioned previously – graphic design work for a Church in the City.

And to finish of this post so I can head to bed, I picked these questions up off a blog I keep tabs on

1. What’s the most fun work you’ve ever done, and why? (Two sentences max)

I had a great fun waitressing for a School Formal (The Really Formal Kind) two years ago now with my friends Jess W and Sam, it was hard work and we run off our feet. I just had a blast for some odd reason.

2. Name one thing you did in the past that you no longer do but wish you did? (One sentence max)

I used to play basketball daily with friends in the Solomons.

3. Name one thing you’ve always wanted to do but keep putting it off? (One sentence max)

Go on a short holiday by myself to spend some more focused time on looking at my life and praying about… well stuff – life, everything.

4. What two things would you most like to learn or be better at, and why? (Two sentences max)

I would love to learn to play guitar and to speak French (this also counts under the ‘be better at’. I can currently count to ten in French and Italian – this serves very little purpose).

5. If you could take a class/workshop/apprentice from anyone in the world living or dead, who would it, be and what would you hope to learn? (Two more sentences, max)

I would love to take a class from CS Lewis and hope to learn about how he spent his time thinking/listening/learning and talking to God and where the heck most of his ‘crazy-wonderful’ theological ideas came from. (That too cliched for you?)

6. What three words might your best friends or family use to describe you?

Honest (and they’re probably meaning in the blunt sense)

7. Now list two more words you wish they described you as…


8. What are your top three passions? (can be current or past, work, hobbies, or causes– three sentences max)

Writing and Words – blogging, reading, grammar natzi’ing…
Design and Photography – making things look ‘right’ = ban comic sans
Community and Relationships – despite my ‘sullen moments’, I actually like people quite a lot.

9. Write–and answer–one more question that YOU would ask someone (with answer in three sentences max)

Q: What is it you want to do most right now?

A: Stop thinking, stop writing this and go to bed.

General Holidays Life Personality

Tomorrow morning some time I’m heading up with Geoff and his sister Anita to Canberra for a wedding. I haven’t packed a thing and am going to a farewell party very shortly, so who knows when that will happen. I will be gone all weekend. I hope to return to a working car (Three cheers to Henry for working on Australia Day), minimal debt, my Dad a year older, a phone call on Tuesday about working back with MBO and some time to simply crash and sleep for extended periods – why I don’t use more of my holidays for this I don’t know.

I also need to redesign the Advoc8 site, teach myself the basics and extras of Adobe Illustrator and Indesign and possibly roam the web for some nice Photoshop tips.

As for my grand holiday plans of taking a few days off by myself, that hasn’t happened. There is however still time. Suggestions as to where I can go? Wow, thinking about it, it all depends on whether my car is operational.

There is also the plan to properly organise/assist something for the Youth Group Camp (coming up soon), think further about Youth this year, read all those books I haven’t gotten to yet, catch up for coffee with a list of people that have been floating in my head and perhaps one or two more who I’d like to suss out as a potential mentor or have them wind up as (novel idea of having) a non-peer friend. Prayer for that would be good. It’s been a long time coming. It needs to happen.

I might also get soon to talk about new things going on at Church and what I think about the emerging Church (as soon as I’m lent those books that will get me thinking).

But for now, I have a party to head to… sadly it’s back to the old, ‘being driven’.

General Life

cafeWhy Do You Blog?
Help this guy out by taking the survey, you might even win an Ipod Shuffle!

I’ve also linked to this article before, but have a read of The Master Humbler.

In answering the blogging questions, I acknowledged that the original reason why I started blogging was to challenge myself to be more vulnerable/open in an (at first) non confronting way. That of course has developed and evolved through my two years online and is probably now only partially the reason why I am still here.

I’ve also just been listening to a sermon on Psalm 139. Intimacy before God and others. Risking the ‘deeper’ conversations, confrontations and challenges.

If you don’t blog (or even if you do) what ways do you or should you challenge yourself in being more open? Do you even think it is necessary? What do you gain by being a little bit ‘out there’ with what’s really going on? What do you lose?

Blogging General Life Relationships

evening-cafe-mod.jpgI put, ‘Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day’ into the search bar on my own blog to find the last time I’d used the term and it took me back to some post in 2005. What a difference in how I used to blog! I was so non disclosing and gave such weak illusions to what was going on.

To risk being labeled a whinger… you know, all these posts about ‘Woe is me’, let me tell you about my morning.

It was another treck into the uni to see if I could get any subject exemptions for having scooted across from one degree to another. I got on the train and ten or so minutes in realised that I left my folio at home. This realisation gave way to a flat feeling of suppressed panic/resignation. I rendered myself incapable of willingly turning around by calling Geoff who told me to ‘go in regardless’. Smart move.

The train pulled in at a station further on and stopped, we sat and sat and finally were told that we were waiting on an ambulance for, ‘an ill passenger’. No big drama, I was thinking appropriately, “Well, that’s a much bigger problem for them than for my delay”. Yet we sat there for a long time.

I called Geoff again asking for the Design Faculty phone number which he found for me. I then went to call them to let them know that I would be late and discovered that I couldn’t. No credit.

At Richmond Station I ran up to the platform – I’d missed the 10am train, just. Deciding that I’d do the right thing I went to an ATM and bought a phone voucher. Back up to the platform and I called the uni – no answer. Suddenly I hear a surreal, “Rebecca ___ if you are at the Station can you please come to the booking office”. I flipped out momentarily as they said my last name correctly. An internal reaction would’ve looked something like you would if a dark voice came from the sky, “Rebecca welcome to this sucky day… guess what we have for you next!”

So I run back down the platform, out the ticket barricades again and presented myself where I was told to go. It turns out that I left my bank card in the ATM, some kind person returned it.

Back to the platform to call the Faculty whom I finally got on to. I was half an hour late. Without a folio. A classy reflection upon my organisation – perfect for getting subject exemption.

Anyway they were all rather nice and reasonably understanding, in fact one of the guys introduced me as, “…Rebecca, she’s having a bad day” – with hardly knowing any extra information.

I talked my way (with the aid of some nice results) into getting one the subjects off. This does need to be re-assessed later before the semester ends to clarify whether I have the same level of skill by looking at my folio. Fortunately it is a new subject and can be taken pretty well whenever – so if back up is necessary there is no massive drama. If all goes well – and it should, I will save myself $889 in HECS.

So that was my morning. The whole not knowing if my car is going to cost me a bucket was of course playing dominoes with my head amongst the other crappyness.

Here’s (at the very least) to a positive outcome!

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