I’ve never made a pattern before and I’m not sure this is a prime example – I didn’t want it to be an exact repeat but I don’t think the balance is quite right.
Anyhoo, no harm in documenting some kind of process. Leaves are fairly straight forward things. And I’m so over swishes and swirls (working with template based wedding invites does that to you).

Happy to offer as a freebee if anyone thinks they might have a use for it. Just comment – and I’ll put the file up. Suggestions/tips are welcome. I have yet to do much reading on pattern making.

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*Gulp* Now that my life has been over-run with some casual work in prepress (Stationery via templates) my time (free time) is much lessened. And I have decided that I really should be: making something new every week, I would say every day but lets be reasonable here. I’m not counting something new as anything for work or a client, just something new. Sometimes – no doubt – this will simply have to be passed off as a sketch (although I hope to do that more than once a week). But practice makes better, and so I must practice.

I am also trying out some things and finding inspiration for my sisters’ wedding invitations so you’ll have to bear with the delightful style of: vintage/old books/foxes/trees/acorns/hand script/maps… of which nothing is confirmed (It’s mostly an excellent excuse to look at pretty things)

(I also made a pom-pom… because I could)

Create Design

Here is the link to download when I spoke at Ranges “My Story”. I did think twice about sharing this – but the reality of it is that most of it exists on my blog (way back) in some form or other.

Bec’s Story (18mb and it’s an .m4a file)

It lacks visuals… sorry. You’ll have to crank the volume and I never realised how lispy my voice sometimes sounds, charming. (Or how similar to my sister Emily my voice sounds).


I am inspired by the (very lovely herself) Blair, whom I share a bookclub with – she writes lists. So here are some charming ‘shares’ and some things that are pushing good buttons of late.


Bird and Banner – stationers and their blog makes me happy

Sheaf Ephemera – who doesn’t like vintage/old-school things, this person shows them off and consequently has given the internet a catalogue of superb inspiration

Fuck Yes Maps – glorious, glorious maps

The Blog on the Bookshelf – a blog about bookshelves… oh so lovely

Mad Men Cartoons – A Flickr set (I LOVE Mad Men)


The Smiths – pure old-school goodness

David Gray – it’ll never get old, I’m still obsessed

Vampire Weekend – Contra is golden


The Secret History by Donna Tartt – this is one of the best books I have read in a long time, it is totally wonderful with a perfect level of intelligent suspense and disturbing themes. Also a Penguin Classic and our current Bookclub book.

I Have a Bed Made of Buttermilk Pancakes by Jaclyn Moriarty- a terribly enjoyable/frolicking novel that plays with characters and conversation. It doesn’t pursue the greatest depths but it kind of doesn’t need to.


The challenge to listen and to ask

A weekend away with the Soul Survivor team

The fact that playing with words never gets old

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I will share how I’ve recovered the lovely footstool shortly… I have a second one ready to go.

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